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The Mar Thoma fellowship in Newcastle is a young entity, with the Choir being one of the first to be created within the fellowship. It took shape with the first Christmas Carol event held in 2011. The Choir supports the Vicar in his ministries and has a mission to serve God through the Church by delivering songs in worship and praise and in developing a sense of spiritual well being among the parishioners and to provide opportunities to the youth to participate in the Holy Communion service in a meaningful way.


The Newcastle Mar Thoma Choir is a talented mix of Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass voices. The Choir members contribute their time and talents as stewardship to our Lord and Saviour. The formation of the Choir during the Christmas Carol service was aimed at instilling a more holistic feeling of the season in contrast to the otherwise commercial flavour that is imparted to Christmas these days.

We welcome all Church fellowship members in Newcastle and the surrounding areas who are interested in music and singing praise to the Lord to come forward and participate in the Church Choir activities.

The Coming of the Lord - Newcastle Choir


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