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Rev. Abu Cherian


Rev. Abu Cherian took over duties as our Vicar-in-charge while a historic world event was in play - The Great Covid-19 Pandemic. Achen is from Niranam and his home parish is St Thomas Mar Thoma Church, Niranam.

Prior to joining us, he was with the Mumbai Diocese & served as Vicar of St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church, Bhoychapada, a parish installed for the tribal community as part of the missionary activity of Immanuel Mar Thoma Church, Borivali. He was also the Director of CARD Light to Life Project, a social project of Immanuel Mar Thoma Church, Borivali. In addition to the above, he served as Vice-president of Mumbai Diocesan Yuvajana Sakhyam and as Secretary of Mumbai Diocesan Sunday School.

Along with his duties as a Vicar, Abu Achen is also pursuing a PhD program at Durham University, specialising in the field of Systematic Theology.

Rev. Jacob K.A

2018 -  2021

Rev. Jacob Kuzhiparampil Abraham (affectionately known as Jagan Achen) took over the Vicar-in-charge duties after Rev. Roney Cheriyan. He hails from Thiruvalla and his home parish is St. Paul’s Mar Thoma Church, Chathenkery.

Achen's previous posting was as the Vicar of Jodhpur and Bikaner Mar Thoma Churches and Pali Mar Thoma Congregation and the missionary of Bikaner Mar Thoma Mission. He also served as the Vicar of Lucknow and Kanpur Mar Thoma Churches and Jagadishpur congregation (2008 -2012). He was the missionary of Kanpur Mar Thoma Mission and manager of Kanpur Mar Thoma Gramjyothi School. He served as the Director of Kanpur Mar Thoma Bal Vikas Kendra and Kanpur Mar Thoma Shishu Vikas Kendra. Later he was posted to Udaipur Immanuel and Bhilwara St. Thomas Mar Thoma Churches and served as the missionary of Bhilwara Mar Thoma Mission (2012 – 2015).

Rev. Roney Cheriyan

2014 -  2017

Rev. Roney Cheriyan took over our Vicar-in-charge duties under the newly formed Liverpool parish. Young at heart and deep rooted in God's ways of working, he gave our small fellowship the support and guidance to function as one body with Christ. His sermons were always eye-openers and focussed around the fundamental reasons of why we were Christians and our role in serving Christ. Friendly and always with an accomodating heart to listen, he was keen to see members take active roles in supporting the Fellowship and instilled a spirit of giving from the heart.

Rev. Sam John

2011 -  2014

Rev. Sam John was officially our first Vicar-in-charge. Under the Manchester-Liverpool parish, it was decided that he would look after our small fellowship as well. His experienced approach to understanding the spiritual needs of parish and fellowship members paved the way for the growth and strength of our fellowship. He guided us to start Sunday School & VBS classes for the little ones. His prayers for the afflicted and needy were tearful and echoed his spirituality.

Rev. Varghese Mathew

2009 -  2011

Rev. Varghese Mathew was instrumental in setting up the Newcastle Fellowship. His dedication and his commitment to recognising the efforts and desire of James, Ajith & Gini for wanting a Mar Thoma presence in Newcastle, led to its birth. A decisive prayer meeting took place on 27th November 2009 at Mr. James George's residence in Newcastle, attended by 12 families and 2 university students. Then, on 11th June 2010, another prayer meeting took place at Mr. Gini Kodiyaat's residence in Newcastle. Rev. Varghese Mathew lead the prayer and proposed that a Qurbana service be conducted every month. The first Holy Communion service, lead by him was conducted on 30th July 2010 at St. Francis Church in Newcastle.

Prior to being Vicar for Tabore Mar Thoma Church, Manchester, he served as a Youth Chaplain in Chicago.

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